The Department of Persian was established in 1977. It is happened to be the only Department in the entire region of North East India to cater the different fields of Persian language, literature, culture, history and areas of West Asia, Central Asia along with Turkey. In addition to continuing the formal courses of learning in the subject, the Department also lays emphasis on promoting relations in the Persian speaking world, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and the Central Asian countries by organizing international seminars, symposia and cultural exchange programs. Importance is also given to promote in collaborating research. The department is facilitating to admit foreign students especially from Iran & Arab world here in Gauhati University. By the good effort of this department 12 (Twelve) students from Iran have been admitted to pursue Ph.D. program in different Departments of Gauhati University since 2011

Major Thrust Areas of Research

1.      Persian Language and Culture

2.      Classical and Modern Persian Literature

3.      Indo-Persian language and Literature

4.      Sufism and Sufistic Persian Literature

5.      Medieval Persian Historiography, Calligraphy, Art and Architecture

6.      Comparative studies in language, literature and culture

7.      Medieval Persian Inscription, Coins and Manuscripts

8.      Sufism and Bhaktism

9.      Persian influences in Indian languages with special reference to Assamese and Bengali

10.  Indo-Iran and central Asia cultural relations

11.  India and West Asia cultural relation

12.  Language as a means of Tourism

Developing Language Skills

Students are offered guidance in improving their skills in speaking and writing in Persian & Turkish to enable them to face the demands of competitive jobs. The faculties make efforts to build confidence in the students and develop their inner creativity through an interactive teaching-learning methodology which involves group-work, discussion and movie screening in Persian & Turkish.

Courses & Programmes

1. Post Graduate Programme

    a. Name of the programme: M.A. in Persian

    b. Duration of the Programme: 4 Semesters, 2 years

     c. Intake Capacity: 10

    d. Course Structure:

      Semester                     No. of Papers                 Marks                      Credits

     1st Semester                 5 paper                             500 Marks                30 credits

     2nd Semester                5 paper                             500 Marks                30 credits

     3rd Semester                 5 papers                            500 Marks                 30 credits

     4th Semester                 4 papers                            400 Marks                 30 credits

                                                  Dissertation + Viva:     100 Marks

                                                        Total Marks: 2000          Total Credit: 120

2. Ph.D

3. P.G. Certificate Course in Persian

    a. Intake Capacity: 10

    b. Eligibility: Graduates in any discipline from any recognized University having 40 % in Major (honors) and 45% in General Course.

4. P.G. Diploma Course in Persian  (Intake:10)

    a. Intake Capacity: 10

    b. Eligibility: Graduates from any recognized University who have completed a six-months course in Persian

5. Advance Diploma Course  in Turkish

     a. Intake Capacity: 20

     b. Eligibility: Graduates in any discipline from any recognized University having 40 % in Major (honors) and 45% in General Course.


The Department of Persian has been organizing national and international seminars and workshop from time to time where scholars from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh Poland, Germany and Russia have been participated. Some of them are:

National & International Seminar

1.  Dialogue between Cultures & Exchange of Knowledge and Cultural Ideas between India, Iran, Turkey & Central Asia with Special reference to the Sasanian & Gupta Dynasty. (International) , February, 2018

2.  Persian & Sanskrit as Shared Heritage and Cross Cultural & Historical Connection between India & Central Asia. (International) February, 2017

3.  Cultural Exchange between India, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Central Asia: Contribution of Scholars, Sufis and Poets. (International) February 2016

4.  Thoughts & Wisdom of Some Persian Poets With Special Reference To Sa-adi, Hafiz, Khayyam & Rumi And Its Relevance In The 21st Century AD. (International) February 2015

5.  Historical, Civilizational & Cultural (Indo-Persian) Relations of India, Iran & Central Asia: Centuries of Continuity. (International) February 2014

6.  Ethics in Persian Poetry With Special Reference to the Mathnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi (International), February 2013

7.  21st Century & Relevance on Ethics & Value Education, March, 2013

8. Indo-Iranian Heritage In The Context of Sufism As A Bond of Culture & Tourism Between India (NE) - Iran-Afghanistan, Turkey, & Central Asia, February 2012

9. Indo-Arab-Iran Relations to Promote Cooperation In Language, Literature & Culture (International), February 2009

10.  Iqbal & His Philosophy with Special Reference to the Self (Khudi) Depicted in Asrar-e-Khudi (Secrets of the self) (National), August 2008

12.  Ethical & Moral Values of the Mathnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi (To commemorate the 800th birth anniversary of the great poet Jalaluddin Rumi (International), March 2007

13.  Medieval History of Assam Through Persian Sources (National), March 2006

14.  Problems & Prospects of Persian Studies in India (National), October 2005

15.  Impact of Persian on Assamese Language (Regional), March 2001


1.  21st Century: Challenges of Human Rights & Moral values, 19th to 23rd October, 2009


Refresher Course:

Hosted the first Regional Refresher Course in Persian, Sponsored by Iran Culture House, New Delhi. 27th Sept to 6th Oct. 2004


M.A. in Persian (CBCS) Syllabus. For more details:

B.A. in persian Syllabus. For more details:

Ph.D. Course Works Syllabus. (Hyperlink awaited)

P.G. Certificate in persian Syllabus. (Hyperlink awaited)

P.G. Diploma in Persian Syllabus. (Hyperlink awaited)

Advance Diploma in Turkish. (Hyperlink awaited)


The Department has a well equipped library containing textbooks and reference books. It has also computer facilities with LAN and Wi-Fi connections.  The computers are installed with Persian software for language development. The facilities include self-learning and monitored learning modules. The department has also audio-visual system to make well acquaint the students with the modern Persian and Turkish language and culture.


Cultural Exchange Program

Our students can avail opportunity to travel to Iran and other central Asian countries for cultural exchange programmes.


Pictures of some departmental activities:












How to find us

The Department of Persian is located in an Assam-type house that is situated to the south of the Main Arts Building, along its left wing. It can be reached from the northern entrance of the Main Arts Building or alternatively, from the path leading from the eastern end of the building.


Department of Persian,

Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar, Jalukbari,

Guwahati: 781014


Contact No : 9365319609, 9864108174


Mazhar Asif [ On Lien ]
Sufism and Medieval History of India
Rekibuddin Ahmed Head of the Department
Modern Persian poetry

Assistant Professor

Baharul Ali
MA (JNU) PhD (Gauhati) MPhil (JNU)
Indo-Persian Literature
Owahedur Zaman
MA (JNU) MPhil (JNU) PhD (JNU)
Sufism and Modern Persian language

Associated Faculty

Saifudheen Kunju S
MA (Jamia Hamdard) MPhil (JMI) Diploma in Turkish Language
Turkish Language and literature, West Asian Studies, Gulf Studies and Islamic Studies