Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee


MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)

Nuclear Physics

Department of Physics
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Email:- buddha@gauhati.ac.in

 (i)            Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions: Studies on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions from AGS to  LHC energies.

(ii)          Detector related R&D: Fabrication and testing of gas detectors

(ii)       Radiation Physics: Studies on environmental radon and uranium concentrations of soil and rock samples.     



(i)            National Merit Scholarship at undergraduate level.

(ii)       Team Leader of GU Group for  LHC-ALICE International          Collaboration of CERN, Switzerland  (An international collaborative research project      undertaken after signing of a MoU between CERN, Switzerland and           Gauhati University under the agies of DST, Govt. of India)

(iii)     Team Leader of GU Group for  FAIR-CBM International Collaboration of GSI, Darmstadt, Germany (An MoU signed between the Govt. of India     and the Govt. of Federal Republic of Germany for a long term scientific collaboration for participation of a few Indian Institute on the design and construction of the future facility for Anti-proton and ion research (FAIR) to be erected at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany. Gauhati University is one of the collaborating Institutes of India in FAIR-CBM experiments)

(iv)     Took all initiative to start M.Sc. Radiological Physics course of GU in collaboration with Dr. B Baruah Cancer Institute (A DAE Organization), Guwahati and Founder Coordinator of GU for the M.Sc. Radiological Physics course

(v)    Convener of 5th Conference of Physics Academy of the North East.

          (vi)    Guest Editor of Indian Journal of Physics, Vol. 82, No. 5 & 6, 2008.

(vii).  Served as General Secretary of Physics Academy of the North Eas (2012-2016)    

          (viii)     Member of the DRC of Cotton State University


# Atte         1.     'Elastic Scattering of Light Mirror Nuclei' funded by Nuclear Science Centre, New-Delhi (1999-2004) (Rs. 7L)  

2.                 2.     'Studies the spectator parts of high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions' funded by     DAE-BRNS, Mumbai  (2005-2008)  (Rs. 8L)    

                    3.  'Pre-Operative Programme for Indian Participation in the FAIR Project at the GSI, Darmstadt, Germany -  Accelerator and Detector – R&D and Prototyping' funded by DST, New Delhi (2009- 2013)   (Rs. 39 lakh

                   4. ALICE- Operation and Utilization’ funded by DST, New Delhi (2013-2014)  (Rs. 90L)

                     5.ALICE- Upgrade, Operation and Utilization’ funded by DST, New Delhi (2014 - 2019) (Rs. 2.45 Crores)

Number Ph.D produced: Five (5)


1.     Dr. Saumyajit Sengupta

2.     Dr. (Ms.) Barnali Debnath

3.     Dr. Ranjan Kakoti

4.     Dr. (Ms.) Rupalim Talukdar

5.     Dr. Kalyan Dey


Number of Ph.D Scholars presently working: Three (3)

1.     Mr. Nur Hussain (Full Time)

2.     Mr. Pranjal Sarma (Full Time)

3.     Mr. Somen Gope (Full Time)

# Role of net baryon density on rapidity width of identified particles from the lowest energies available at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron to those at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.- Nur Hussain and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Phys. Rev. C 96, 024903 (2017)

# Strange behavior of rapidity dependent strangeness enhancement of particles containing and not containing leading quarks.- Kalyan Dey and B. Bhattacharjee, Nucl. Phys. A 965 (2017) 74-84

            # Centrality dependence of the Charged-Particle Multiplicity Density at Midrapidity in Pb-Pb Collisions at sNN = 5.02 TeVALICE Collaboration, J. Adam et. al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (2016)   222302

            # Centrality dependence of the nuclear modification factor of charged pions,      kaons, and protons in Pb-Pb collisions at √ sNN = 2.76 TeVALICE Collaboration, J. Adam et. al., Phys. Rev. C 93 (2016) 034913

            # Centrality evolution of the charged-particle pseudorapidity density over a broad        pseudorapidity range in Pb-Pb at √sNN = 2.76 TeVALICE Collaboration, J. Adam  et. al., Phys. Lett. B 754 (2016) 373–385

            # Measurement of pion, kaon and proton production in proton-proton collisions at      s = 7 TeV ALICE Collaboration, J. Adam et. al., Eur. Phys. J. C 75 (2015) 226

         # Design and performance simulation of a segmented-absorber based muon detection system for high energy heavy ion collision experiments --  S. Ahmad, P.P. Bhaduri, H. Jahan, A. Senger, R. Adak, S. Samanta, A. Prakash, K. Dey, A. Lebedev, E. Kryshen, S. Chattopadhyay, P. Senger, B. Bhattacharjee, S.K. Ghosh, S. Raha, M. Irfan, N. Ahmad, M. Farooq, B. SinghNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 775 (2015) 139–147 

         #  A Hadronic model calculation of elliptic flow in heavy ion collision at FAIR energies -- Kalyan Dey, Nur Hussain and B. Bhattacharjee, Horizon A Journal of the Department of Physics, Vol-3, 99 (2013) Gauhati University, 2014

         #  Separate Mass Scaling of the Width of the rapidity Distributions for Mesons and Baryons at Energies Available at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research – Kalyan Dey and B. Bhattacharjee, Phys. Rev. C 89, 054910, 2014  [arXiv:1303.7347v3]

         #     System size effect on critical behaviour in nuclear multifragmentation B Bhattacharjee and R Talukdar (2011), Nucl. Phys. A, 864, 167-175

         #    Estimation of alpha activity in various sources of water in different places of Karbi Anglong district of Assam – R K Kakoti and B Bhattacharjee (2011), Indian J Pure & Appl Phys., 7(1), 1-5

         #  Seasonal Seasonal and spatial variation of radon and thoron concentration in the dwillings of Karbi Anglong district of Assam, India using SSNTDs – R K Kakoti, R Mehata and B Bhattacharjee (2011), Int. J Appl Environ Sci, 6 (2), 165-171.

         #  Variation of multiplicity of charged particles on the geometry of collision – R Talukdar, B Debnath, S Dengupta and B Bhattacharjee (2010), Indian J Phys., 84 (6), 757-761

         #   Evidence of phase transition in the break-up of Kr-projectile nuclei at 0.95A GeV B Bhattacharjee and B Debnath, Nucl. Phys. A829, 2009, 210-233

         #  Effect of collision geometry on the multiplicity of secondary charged particles emitted from 84Kr-AgBr interactions at 950 MeV/A –  B Bhattacharjee B Debnath and S Dengupta, Indian J. of Phys, Vol. 82 (6), 2008

          #    Emission characteristics of intermediate mass fragments on the residual part of the projectile nucleus – B Debnath, R Talukdar and B Bhattacharjee, Indian J. of Phys, Vol. 82 (5), 2008

#   Eraticity moment of bin multiplicity & rapidity gap of fast TFs from 84Kr-AgBr interaction at 0.95A GeV/c, B. Bhattacharjee, B. Debnath, A. Mukhopadhyay and S. Sengupta, Indian J. of Phys, Vol 81(7), 1-10, 2007.

#   Signature of intermittent behavior in the emission spectra of target associated particles from 84Kr-AgBr interactions at 0.95GeV/A – B Bhattacharjee, Nucl.  Phys. A, Vol. 748, 641, 2005.

#  Investigation of scattering between mirror nuclei  7Be +  7Li, S. Barua et al., Phys. Rev. C, 72, 044602, 2005

#   Fractal analysis of fluctuation in the emission spectrum of target associated fast particles, B. Bhattacharjee and S. Sengupta, Int. J. Mod. Phys. E, Vol. 14, No. 8, 1223-1233, 2005.

            #      Study of the elastic scattering of mirror nuclei 7Be + 7Li, S. Barua et al., Nucl. Phys. A746, 467c, 2004.

#   On the emission of fast and slow target fragment from 84Kr-AgBr interactions at 0.95 GeV/A — B Bhattacharjee, A. Mukhopadhyay, V. Singh, S K Tuli, S. Sengupta Radiation Measurement (Elsevier Science), Vol. 36, 2003.

#   Measurement of Radon and Thoron concentration by using LR-115 type-II plastic track detectors in the environ of Brahmaputra Valley – P.C. Deka, Subir Sarkar, B. Bhattacharjee, T.D. Goswami, B.K. Sarma, T.V. Ramachandran, Assam, India, Radiation  Measurement (Elsevier Science), Vol. 36, 2003

#    Measurement of Indoor Radon Progeny Levels in Some Dwellings of North Kamrup in Brahmaputra Valley, P K Deka et al., Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol. 21, 2001

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#     Current Trends in Nuclear Physics, B. Bhattacharjee, Horizon, Vol. 1, 1999.

#        Possible Angular Correlation of Emitted Black Particles in 1.8 GeV/c  k- -CNO Interaction, S. Sarkar, B. Bhattacharjee, T.D. Goswami and K. Goswami,  Indian. J. Physics, Vol. 73A (4), 1999.

#     DC Conductivity and Dielectric Constant of CN Detector, B. Bhattacharjee, H. L. das and T. D. Goswami, Radiation Measurement, Vol. 25, 1995.

#       DC Conductivity of CN Track Detector, B. Bhattacharjee, H.L. Das and T. D. Goswami, Radiation Measurement, Vol. 23, 1994.

#       Dielectric Properties of Cellulose Nitrate Track Detector, B Bhattacharjee, K Goswami, H L Das and T D Goswami, J. Instrum. Soc. Of India, Bangalore, Vol. 22, 1992.

·      Rapidity dependence of strangeness enhancement factor at FAIR energies -- Kalyan Dey and B. Bhattacharjee 59th DAE symposium on Nuclear  Physics, 2013

·      Hit finding efficiency and J/ψ reconstruction efficiency of the MUCH detector -- Kalyan Dey, S. Chattopadhyay and B. BhattacharjeeCBM progress report 2013, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH, D-64291 Darmstadt, Germany

·      An investigation on the mass/species type behavior of produced particles at FAIR energies - A different approach -- Kalyan Dey and B. Bhattacharjee58th DAE symposium on Nuclear  Physics, 2013 

·      Pseudorapidity Response of MuCh Detector in FAIR-CBM Experiment -- Kalyan Dey and B. Bhattacharjee56th DAE symposium on Nuclear Physics, 2011 

·      Effect of system size on traditional signatures of critical behaviour in projectile multifragmentation – B Bhattacharjee and R Talukdar (2011), J Phys CS, 312,082014

·      Variation of mean multiplicity of intermediate mass fragments with the bound charge of the fragmenting system-Deviation from the universal behaviour – B Bhattacharjee and B Debnath, J Phys CS, 110, 122003, 2008.

·        >> Attended 29th CBM collaboration Meeting and CBM Collaboration board meeting held during 20 – 24 March, 2017 at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany.

·         >> Attended LHC-ALICE week at CERN, Switzerland held during 25/03/2017 to 02/04/2017.

·      >> Convenor of the LHC-ALICE (India) Collaboration meeting held in the Department of Physics, Gauhati University during 01/12/2016 to 03/12/2016.

·        >>  Attended LHC-ALICE TF meeting at BARC, Mumbai during 01/09/2016 to 04/09/2016.

·      >> Attended LHC-ALICE (India) meeting held at Panjab University, Chandigarh during 03/08/2016 to 04/08/2016.

·        >> Attended LHC-ALICE collaboration Board meeting at CERN Switzerland held during 04/04/2016 to 08/04/2016.

·       >> Took part in LHC-ALICE experiment as a SHIFT LEADER at CERN, Switzerland during 24/06/2015 to 10/07/2015.

·          >> Participated in ALICE India Meet Jammu University 7-8 Sep., 2013 IIT, Bombay, March 2013.

·        >> Participated and presented paper in the International Conference on Triggering Discoveries in High Energy Physics Jammu University 9-14 Sep., 2013

·      >> Participated International CBM Collaboration meeting held at VECC Kolkata (India), 2012.

·        >> Participated 6th national meet on FAIR-CBM experiment, presented a talk on ‘Rapidity Response of MuCh’ and chaired ‘Electronics for MuCh Detector’ session VECC, Kolkata, India,16-18 April,2011

    >> Participated 6th Int. conf. on Physics and Astrophysics of Quark Gluon Plasma,presented a paper ‘Sensitivity test and system size effect on the traditional signatures of critical behavior of nuclear matter at intermediate energies’ and chaired ‘Detector related R&D’  session Institute of Oceanography, Goa, IndiaDec. 6-10,2010

·      >> Participated DAE Symposium on High Energy Physics and presented a paper ‘Evidences of non-statistical fluctuations in emission spectra of 24Mg-Em interactions at 4.5A GeV’LNM Institute of    Information Technology, Jaipur, India, 13- 18 Dec., 2010

·      >> Participated DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics and presented a paper ‘Evidences of system size effect on the traditional signatures of critical behaviour in projectile multifragmentation’Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, IndiaDec. 20-24, 2010

·      >> Convenor of the 56th Foundation Day of the Department of Physics, Gauhati University held on February 23, 2010.

·      >> Attended 13th International Collaboration Meeting of CBM Experiment at FAIR, GSI, Dramstadt, Germany during March 9 – 13, 2009.

·      >>Participated in the two days discussion meeting on 'Indian Participation in FAIR: Science and Technology' organized at Hyderabad by DST and Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Hyderabad during April 18 – 19, 2009

·      >> Participated and chaired a session in the CBM India Collaboration Meeting held at the Department of Physics, BHU during December 27 – 30, 2009.

·      >> Presented a paper 'Di-muon measurements with the CBM experiment at FAIR' at High Energy Physics Conference held at Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India during Dec. 14 – 18, 2008.

·        >> Attended CBM collaboration meeting, 13-17Feb., 2008, Jammu University, Jammu

·      >>18th DAE-BRNS High Energy Physics Symposium, 14-18 Dec. 2008, Department of Physics, BHU, India.

·      >> 20th International Conference on Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus Nucleus Collisions, 4-10 Feb., 2008, Jaipur.

·      >> CBM collaboration meeting 30-31 July, 2007, VECC, Kolkata.International Europhysics Conference on HEP (EPS-HEP 2007), 19-25    July, 2007, Manchester, UK.

·     >> 5th conference of Physics Academy of the North East, 1-2 March, 2007, Gauhati University, Guwahati (Convenor of the Conference).

·      >> DAE-BRNS symposium on Nuclear Physics, 11-15 Dec., 2006, MSU, Baroda.

·      Inter. Conf. on Contemporary Issues in Nucl and Part. Physics, 4-7 Feb., 2005, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata.

·      >> 3rd National Conf. on Contemporary Issues in Nuclear and Particle Physics, 16-17 Feb., 2004, Jadavpur Univ, Kolkata.

·      >> UGC sponsored 8th Refresher Course in Physics, 9-28 Dec., 2003, ASC, G.U., Guwahati.

·      >> 21st Inter. Conf. on Nuclear Tracks in Solids, 21-25 Oct., 2002, New Delhi.

·      >> UGC sponsored Orientation Course, 18/2/’02 to 17/3/’02, ASC, G.U., Guwahati.

·      >> Orientation Program on Nuclear Physics, 08-14 Aug.2001, NSC, New-Delhi.

·      >> Interactive Workshop on Nuclear Reaction Studies with Light RIB, 27-28 Aug., 1999, NSC, New Delhi.

·      >> DST sponsored II SERC School in Nuclear Physics, 20/10/’97 to 8/11/’97, H.P. Univ., Shimla.

·      >> Accelerator Based Experimental. Facilities at NSC, 23-24 June, 1995, Dept of Physics, G.U., Gwahati.

·      >> 17th International Conf. on Nuclear Tracks in solids, 24-28 Aug., 1994, JINR, Russia.

·      >> 17th National Conf. on Instrumentation, 17-20 Nov., 1992, Dept of Physics, G.U., Guwahati.

·      >> 10th DAE Conf. on Nuclear Physics, 21-24 Aug., 1992, BARC, Mumbai.

·      >> 7th National Conf. on Particle Track Detector, 9-11 Oct., 1991, DRDO, Jodhpur.

·      >> Awareness Seminar on Accelerator Utilization, 10-12 July, 1991, Utkal Univ., Bhubaneswar.

·      >> Detector Development Workshop & Planned Experiment at NSC, 11-14 Sep., 1990, NSC, New Delhi.

·      >> Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society, 29th May, 1990, RRL, Jorhat.