Deepali Sarkar

Deepali Sarkar


MSc (IITKgp) PhD (IACS) Postdoctoral Fellow (CSIR RA, IACS)

Condensed Matter Physics

Department of Physics
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

 Some broad topics of research

1. Sensing application of conducting polymer nanocomposites

2. Electrical and structural properties of metal, semicondutor nanostructures

3. Biosynthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles

4. Si MEMS heterostructures for photodetection


Completed two DST projects (One on processing conducting polymer, other on porous silicon based optical device) and one UGC project (In 2016)

Ph. D. awarded (10)

No.   Name            (Currently placed at)

1. Dr. Jolly Bhadra ( Research Assistant in Centre of Advanced Materials                                       (CAM)Qatar University)

2. Dr. Utpala Baishya (Asstt. Professor in Sualkuchi college),

3. Dr. Sulochana Deb (Assistant Prof. Physics, GU),

4. Dr. Uday S. Senapati (Asstt. Prof. Handique girls college, Guwahati),

5. Dr. Shyamal K. Dey (Teacher(PGT), Faculty Higher Sec. school, Guwahati),

6. Dr. Partha P. D. Sharma (Senior Scientific Officer, Forensic Laboratory, Kahilipara, Guwahati),

7. Dr. Bappaditya Pal (PDF UPPsala University Sweden),

8. Dr. Kabita Barua (Faculty at Polytechnique College, Nalbari)

9. Dr. Mintu Das (CSIR Research Associate in CMP laboratory, Department of Physics, Gauhati University)

10. Dr. Mausumi Das (Assistant Professor, Sipajhar College, Assam)


Other members in the group


1. Mr. Samarjit Sarmah (Final Registration over) (Working at Baihata Polytechnique College)

2. Mr. Ali Akbar, (Final Registration over)

3. Mr. Pranjal Nath

4. Ms. Jonmoni Rabha

 M. Sc. (Physics)

Semester I - General practical laboratory

Semester II - Condensed matter physics , and General practical laboratory

Semester III - Advance Condensed matter physics - I and Advance  Condensed Matter Physics practical laboratory

Semester IV - Advamce Condensed Matter Physics - II and Project dissertation

Pre-Ph. D. course work

In-charge of Paper IV (Elective - Condensed matter physics) and teaching some parts of the course

Citations – 762, h-index – 15, i10-index – 20 (Since 2015 - Citations – 561, h-index – 13, i10-index – 17)


List of Publications in journals


1.   Room temperature ammonia sensing by CdS nanoparticle decorated polyaniline (PANI) nanorods, Ali Akbar, Mausumi Das and D. Sarkar, Sensors and Actuators A (Elsevier), 310, 112071 (11 pages), 2020 (IF – 2.739).


2.   Distinct band UV-Visible photosensing property of ZnO-Porous Silicon (PS):p-Si hybrid MSM heterostructure, M. Das, S. Sarmah, D. Barman, B. K. Sarma and D. Sarkar, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (Elsevier), 118, 105188 (10 pages), 2020 (IF – 2.722, Cited by 1).


3.   Photosensing property of nanostructured CdS-porous silicon (PS):p-Si based MSM hetero-structure, M. Das, S. Sarmah and D. Sarkar, J. Mater Sci.: Mater. Electron (Springer).30, 11239-11249, 2019 (IF-2.195, Cited by 3).


4.   Silver ion concentration dependent properties of silver nanostructured nanocomposite films, Sulochana Deb and Deepali SarkarJ. Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials (Scimago), 21, No.3-4, pp. 275-280 (2019) (IF – 0.588, Cited by 3).



5.   Investigation on dielectric properties of polyaniline (PANI) sulphonic acid (SA) composites prepared by interfacial polymerization, Mausumi Das, Ali Akbar, D. Sarkar, Synthetic Metals (Elsevier), 249, 69-80, 2019 (IF – 2.87, Cited by 5).


6.   Effect of annealing temperature on optical properties of silver-PVA nanocomposite, Sulochana Deb and Deepali Sarkar, Optik (Elsevier), 157, 1115-1121, 2018 (IF – 1.914, Cited by 4).


7.           Morphological, structural and electrical properties of polypyrrole nano coated bamboo cellulose fibre, Patha P. D. Sharma and D. Sarkar, Indian J. Fibre Text. Res. (NISCAIR), 43 (1), 66-73, 2018 (IF – 0.511).


8.           Development of room temperature ethanol sensor from polypyrrole (PPy) embedded in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) matrix, Mausumi Das and D. Sarkar, Polym. Bull. (Springer), 75 (7), 3109-3125, 2018 (IF – 1.858, Cited by 13).


9.           One-pot synthesis of zinc oxide-polyaniline nanocomposite for fabrication of efficient room temperature ammonia gas sensor, Mausumi Das and D. Sarkar, Ceramic International (Elsevier) 43 (14) (October), 11123-11131, 2017 (IF – 2.986, Cited by 46).


10.           UV-Visible optical photo-detection from porous silicon (PS) MSM device, M. Das, S. Sarmah, D. Sarkar, Superlattice Microst. (Elsevier) 101 (January), 228-235, 2017 (IF – 2.123, Cited by 6).


11.           Morphological and optical properties of n-type porous silicon: Effect of etching current density, M. Das and D. Sarkar, Bull. Mater. Sci. (Springer), 39 (7) (December), 1671-1676, 2016 (IF – 0.899, Cited by 5).


12.           Effect of oxidizing agent on ammonia sensing of DBSA doped polyaniline nanocomposite thin film, Mausumi Das and D. Sarkar, J. Mater Sci.: Mater Electron (Springer), 27 (April), 4109-4119, 2016 (IF – 2.195, Cited by 23).                                                                                         

13.           Junction characteristics of ITO/PANI-ZnS/Ag and ITO/PANI-CdS/Ag Schottky diodes: a comparative study, S. K. Dey, S. Baglary and D. Sarkar, Indian J. Phys. (Springer) 90 (1-January), 29-34, 2016 (IF – 0.988, Cited by 6).


14.           Influence of etching current density on microstructural, optical and electrical properties of porous silicon (PS): n-Si heterostructure, M. Das, P. Nath and D. Sarkar, Superlattice Microst. (Elsevier) 90 (January), 77-86, 2016 (IF – 2.385, Cited by 9).


15.           Effect of polymerization time on structural and dielectric behaviour of cellulose/polypyrrole composite, Partha P. D. Sharma and D. Sarkar, J. Polym. Mater. (Scimago), 32 (4) (October), 491-502, 2015 (IF – 0.24).


16.           Synthesis and characterization of biopolymer protected zinc sulphide nanoparticles, U. S. Senapati and D. Sarkar, Superlattice Microst. (Elsevier) 85 (September), 722-733, 2015 (IF – 2.385, Cited by 7).


17.           Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Ni doped ZnO nanoparticles: Correlation of magnetic moment with defect density, Bappaditya Pal, D. Sarkar, P. K. Giri, Appl. Surf. Sci. (Elsevier), 356 (August), 804-811, 2015 (IF – 3.387, Cited by 100).


18.           Evolution of room temperature ferromagnetism with increasing 1D growth in Ni-doped ZnO nanostructures, Bappaditya Pal, Soumen Dhara, P. K. Giri and D. Sarkar, J. Alloys and Compounds (Elsevier), 647 (June), 558-565, 2015 (IF – 3.133, Citated by 23).


19.           Growth of Co-doped ZnO nanoparticles by porous alumina assisted sol–gel route: Structural optical and magnetic properties, N Karak, B Pal, D Sarkar, TK Kundu

Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Elsevier) 647, 252-258, 2015 (IF – 3.133, Citated by 19).


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