Dhrubajyoti Sahariah

Dhrubajyoti Sahariah


MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) MPhil (Gauhati)

Fluvial Geomorphology, flood plain studies and GIS

Department of Geography
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Email:- dhrubajyoti@gauhati.ac.in

Floodplain Studies, Wetlands, Human-Forest Interface


Journal Articles

K. Bordoloi,  B R Nikam, S K Sribastav, D Sahariah , (2020)Assessment of riverbank erosion and erosion probability using geospatial approach: a case study of the Subansiri River, Assam, India,  Applied Geomatics, Spinger 


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 Book Chapters

Lessening urban forest landscape and growing human -leopard conflict in greater Guwahati. In Patowary, B.  Edited, Environment and Development, Olimpia Publications, Guwahati (2017)

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 Conference Proceedings

 One pixel in time: A case study of two protected Areas in Indo-Myanmar Biodiversity Hotspot, (2013):  In Modern transformational economic, social and political processes (Proceedings of IV International science-practice conference). Abakan., Russia, P. 257-259.

An entomological investigation on dengue vector in Guwahati city of Kamrup (metro) District, Assam, India (2013), In Proc. Of International Seminar on Bioresources and human Sustenance, Department of Zoology, Cotton College, Guwahati,

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Landscape fragmentation as an indicator of wetland degradation : a case study in Sipajhar Development Block, Darrang, Assam, (2009), in Proc. of National Seminar on “Identification of Potential Forest Plantation Sites Using Remote Sensing and GIS with Special Reference To Assam” pp 31-40.







 PhD (Awarded)

1. Swarupjyoti Baishya

2. Kuleswar Sinha 


1. Akangsha Borgogain (BSR Fellow)

2. Banashree Saikia

3. Mrinal Deka 

PhD (Ongoing)

1.. Kripal Panging (JRF)

2.. Kirti Chowdhury

3.  Thejangunu Peseyie

4.   Kusumbar Bordoloi (ISRO-RESPOND Fellow)

M.Phil (Awarded)

1. Ripunjita Borthakur

2. Minakshi Das

3. Kuleswar Singha

4. Nalini Deka

5. Mitali Haloi

6. Debangana Goswami

7. Nilotpala Sarma

8. Azruddin Khan

M.Phil (Submitted)

1. Kasturi Borkotoky

M.Phil (Ongoing)

1. Durlov Lahon

2. Bonti Baruah 

3. Nityaranjan Nath

4. Meghna Mazumdar


1. Nuffic Fellowship from Govt. of Netherlands, 2006

2. Commonwealth Travel Grant, 2005

Dynamics of sedimentation and its impact on local resources in Upper North Bank of Brahmaputra: An integrated study using field-surveys and geospatial technologies

Funding Agency: ISRO, Department of Space, Govt of India

Total Fund: 34.22 lakhs