Jagriti Das

Jagriti Das

Assistant Professor

MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)

Actuarial Statistics, Statistical Inference, Linear Algebra

Department of Statistics
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Email:- jagriti_das@gauhati.ac.in

 B.Sc (Statistics), 2005, Cotton College

M.Sc (Statistics), 2007, Gauhati University

Ph.D (Statistics), 2017, Gauhati University

 1. Nath, D.C. and Das,J (2017).:Modelling of Claim Severity through the mixture of Exponential distribution and compuation of its probabilityof ultimate ruin, Thailand Statistician, 15(2): 128-148.

2.Nath, D.C. and Das, J (2016): Burr Distribution as an Actuarial Risk Model and the computation of some of its Actuarial Quantities Related to the Probability of Ruin, Journal of Mathematical Finance, 6: 213-231.

3. Nath,D.C.  and Das, J. (2016): Modelling of Insurance Data through two Heavy Tailed Distributions: Compuations of some of their Actuarial Quanties through Simulation from Equilibrium distributions and the use of their  Convolutions, Journal of Mathematical  Finance, 6: 378-400

 M.Sc First Semester

1. Linear Algebra (STA-1026)

2. Practicals On Sample Survey (STA-1056)

M.Sc Second Semester

1. Practicals on Designs Of Experiments,Estimation and Simulation ( STA-2056)

2. Designs Of Experiments (STA-2036)

M.Sc Third Semester

1. Actuarial Statistics-I (STA-3046)

M.Sc Fourth Semester

1. U-Statistics and Semi-Parametric Methods (STA-4016)

2. Actuaries Statistics -II (STA-4046)





 Actuarial Statistics

 1. Asstt. Professor, Dept. Of Statistics, Dibrugarh University (From July, 2008 to August, 2011).

 2. Asstt. Professor, Dept. Of Statistics, Gauhati University (From August, 2008  till date).

 1. Presented a poster in the  2017 IISA International Conference on Statistics held in Hyderabad during the period 27 th Dec-30th Dec, 2017.

2. Presented a paper in the National Meet of Research Scholars in Mathematical Sciences held at the Department of Statistics, Gauhati University during the period 24th Nov-28th Nov, 2015.


3. Presented a paper in the North East Indian Universities Research Scholars Conference on Statistics held at the Dept. Of Statistics, Gauhati University during the period  25th Feb- 26th Feb, 2014.