Madhushree Das

Madhushree Das


MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) MPhil (Gauhati)

Social Geography and Tribal Studies

Department of Geography
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

  • Social geography
  • Cultural geography
  • Tribal studies
  • Gender Geography
  • Crime and criminology

 Selected Publications

  1. Lekha Borah and Madhushree Das, Spatialities of Crime against women in Assam, Geographical Review of India, 80(1) 43-63(2018),ISSN:0375-6386 
  2. Darshana Sarmah, J.Borah and Madhushree Das, Status of Biomass Energy resource in Assam,Transactions, 40(1), 45-56 (2018)ISSN: 0970-9851
  3. Keemee Das and Madhushree Das, Patterns of Female Work Participation and Related Gender Disparity among Hindus, Muslims and Christians of Assam, North Eastern Geographer, 39 (1 & 2), 91-106 (2018) ISSN : 0973-0915
  4. Lekha Borah and Madhushree DasCrime Against Women in Brahmaputra Valley, Transactions, 39 (1), 47-57 (2017) ISSN : 0970-9851
  5. Navamallika Sharma and Madhushree Das, Ambubachi Mela of Kamakhya Temple: Beliefs and Nature of Pilgrim Participation, Geographical Review of India, 78 (12), 181-191 (2016) ISSN : 0375-6386
  6. Asish Saha and Madhushree DasDynamics of Bilateral Trade through Dawki: Indo-Bangla Experience, Transactions, 37 (1), 47-57 (2015) ISSN : 0970-9851
  7. Kimee Das and Madhushree DasChanging Scenario of Socio-Cultural Practices among the Hindus of Kamrup District, Assam, Quest, 1 (1), 97-109, ISSN : 2350-1377 
  8. Koncheng Buragohain and Madhushree Das The Cauldron with the Lid of Love and Care: The Life of the Tai Phake people in the Namphake village of Assam, Journal of North East Indian Cultures, (1), 54-67 (2015), ISSN : 2322-0988
  9. Nabamallika Sharma and Madhushree Das,  Priests and Practices: Understanding the Socio-Religious Scenario of Kamakhya Temple, The Clarion, 4 (1), 120-126 (2015), ISSN : 2277-1697
  10. Suman Das and Madhushree Das, Income, Migration and Social Adjustment of the Tribal People in Tripura: A Case of the Tripuri Tribe, Space and Culture, India, (1), 5-13 (2014), ISSN : 2052-8396
  11. Madhushree DasRole of Tribal Women in the Economy of Assam, Concerns and Voices: Essays on Gender and Society, 3, 154-161 (2014), ISSN : 978-9381-069-7-59 
  12. Kimee Das and Madhushree DasGlimpses of Muslim Women in Assam, Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, (5), 133-136 (2013), ISSN : 2321-8819
  13. Madhushree DasPattern of Social Change and Development among the Tribal Women of Assam, India, The Clarion, 2 (1), 115-128 (2013), ISSN : 2277-1697
  14. Madhushree DasLiteracy Pattern among the Tribal Women in Assam, Geographical Review of India, 72 (3), 304-311 (2011), ISSN : 0375-6386
  15. Madhushree DasFemale Work Participation among the Tribes of Assam, Research Journal of Contemporary Concerns, 6, 37-47 (2010), ISSN : 0972-7922
  16. Madhushree Das, Cultural Continuities and Social Change among the Tribal Women in Assam, India, Annals of the West University of Timisoara, Romania, Geography Series,(2009)Vol. XIXI,ISSN No.1224-9696.

Conference Proceedings
  1. Koncheng Buragohain and Madhushree Das, An Identity with Attires: The Tai Phakes of Assam, The Tai Ethnic Studies, 4th International Conference on Ethnics of North East India, Centre for Tai Tribal and North East Indian Studies, Dhemaji, Assam, pp. 9-19, ISBN : 978-81-922416-0-9

Book (or Book Chapters)
  1. Madhushree Das and Koncheng Buragohain, “State of Material Culture among the Tai phakes of Assam”, Book Title: Society and Development:Human Geographic Perspective, editors Kar and Bhagabati, 168-181(EBH Publishers, Guwahati,  ISBN : 9978-93-86302-01-4, 2017)
  2. Madhushree Das, Book Title: Tribal Women of Assam (251 pages) (Eastern Book House, ISBN : 978-93-80261-30-0, 2012)
  3. Madhushree Das, Book Title: Continuity and Change among the Tribes in Guwahati City, Assam, India (103 pages) (LAP LAMBERT Academy Publishing AG & Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Germany, ISBN : 978-3-8383-9994-2, 2010)
  4. Madhushree Das and B K Kar, Book Title: Interdisciplinary Advances in Geography, editors P R Sharma et. al., Short Article Title: Social Change and Dvelopment: Some perspectives pon Concepts and Methods, 199-216 (R K Books, New Delhi, ISBN : 978-81-9100-598-1, 2013)
  5. Madhushree Das and B K Kar, Book Title: Women and Empowerment in Global South, editors Amiriah Buangand Janet Momsen, Short Article Title: Empowerment begins with Recognation: Female Workforce and its Under-recognised Contribution to the Economy of North East India, 153-166 (Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, ISBN : 978-967-412-027-6, 2013)
  6. B K Kar and Madhsuhree Das, Book Title: Population, Development and Conflicts in North east India, editor S Deka, Short Article Title: Population Growtha nd changing Demography in northeast India, 54-74 (Eastern Book House, ISBN : 978-81-9038-349-3, 2012)
  7. M Goswami and Madhushree Das, Book Title: Human Delopment,Equity and Gender Justice, editors S Adhikari and B Sinha, Short Article Title: socio-ecoomic condition of Karbi Population in Guwahati City, 64-72 (New century Publications, New Delhi, 2012)


  • Visited different Universities of Sydney and Canberra, Australia as a part of the team from Gauhati University to establish academic collaboration and linkages during November 24 to December 2,2017
  • Association of American Geographers at the AAG Annual Meeting in Boston, USA April 5-9, 2017
  • Visited different Universities of London as a part of the team from Gauhati University to establish academic collaboration and linkages during February 21 to March1,2016
  • Regional Conference of International Geographical Union in Kyoto, Japan, August 4-9,2013
  • 32nd International Geographic Union Congress in Cologne, Germany, August 26-30, 2012
  • International Geographical Union Commission on Gender and Geography Conference in Szeged Timisoara (Hungary Romania), May 22-24, 2009
  • Commonwealth Geographical Bureau Workshop on ‘Human Consequences of Climatic Change in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 19-25, 2005
  • International (Regional) Conference of the International Geographical Union in Durban, South Africa, August 3-8, 2002



  1. 1st position in APSC selection for the post of Lecturer in Geography, In Cotton College, 2002
  2. Dipali Borthakur Memorial Award for standing first in MA/M.Sc examination  among all candidates of the Universities of North-East India
  3. Bhubeneswari Goswami Memorial Gold Medal from Gauhati University for standing first among all arts candidates in the MA examination of the University, Year: 1998, Awarding Organisation: Gauhati University
  4. Academic Gold Medal from Gauhati University for securing first class first position in MA/MSc examination in Geography, Year: 1998, Awarding Organisation: Gauhati University
  5. Host and travel grant award from International Geographical Union to attend and present research papers in Durban, South Africa, Year: August 3-8, 2002, Awarding Organisation: International Geographical Union
  6. Commonwealth travel grant to Sri Lanka, 2005
  7. Host and travel grant award from International Geographical Union to attend and present research papers in Cologne, Germany, Year: 26-30 August, 2012, Awarding Organisation: International Geographical Union
  8. Host and travel grant award from International Geographical Union to attend and present research papers in Kyoto, Japan, Year: , 4-9 August, 2013, Awarding Organisation: International Geographical Union
  9. National talent search , Year: 1989


  • Continuity and Change among the Buddhist Tai Communities of Assam, UGC sponsored Major Research Project (Completed)
  • University Grants Commission sponsored Minor Research Project on “Socio-Economic Characteristics and Social Change among the Tribal Women of Assam, India” (2005-2007) (Completed)
  •   E-Pathsala UGC-MHRD Project: few geography modules

List of PhD Scholars


  1. Nabamallika Sharma (Degree awarded)
  2. Asish Saha (Degree awarded)
  3. Koncheng Buragohain (Degree awarded)
  4. Kimee Das (Degree awarded)
  5. Lonee Dowerah (Thesis submitted)
  6. Darshana Sharma (Degree awarded)
  7. Arup Das
  8. Lekha Bora (Senior Reserach Fellow, UGC)
  9. Moirangthem Bijoy Singh (ICSSR Fellow)
  10. Mansangkhawl Ngaihte 

MPhil Scholar

  1. Arup Das (Degree awarded)
  2. Suman Das (Degree awarded)
  3. Tirthankar Sharma (Degree awarded)
  4. Heena Khan (Degree awarded)
  5. Kironmoni Borgohain 
  6. Soma Mondal
  7. Madhusmita Das
  8. Sandeepan Banerjee (Junior Research FEllow,UGC)


  • Provost (Girls hostels South Campus, GU)
  • Warden RCC 2 Girl's Hostel (Hall 4)
  • Convenor, linkage between University and schools
  • PGSU teacher in charge (Girls common Room)
  •  Member Gauhati University Hospital Management committee
  • Anti Ragging Squad, Guahti University
  • General Secretary, North East India Geographical Society (April 2016-April 2018)
  • Member, GU Campus beautification Committee
  • Member, GU children's creche (umola Ghar) Management Committee


 M.A. in Geography with specialization in Social Geography, Gauhati University,1997

M.Phil in Geography,Gauhati University,1998 

Ph.D. on the topic Education,Occupation and Social Change: Towards A Social Geography of Tribal women of Assam,2009

Junior Research Fellow at women Studies Research Centre, Gauhati University,1998

Joined  Cotton College as a Lecturer in Geography on 27 January,1999

Joined Gauhati University as an Assistant Professor in Geography on 1st Oct, 2010

Joined Gauhati University as an Associate Professor in Geography on 15 May,2015

Joined Gauhati University as a Professor in Geography on 22nd Nov 2017

Teaching Experience 20 years

Research Experience 20 years



  • 1016: Nature of Geography
  • 1046: Economic Geography
  • 1054: Practicals on Economic Geography
  • 2066: Geographical thought
  • 2086: Population and Settlement Geography
  • 2104: Practicals on Population, Settlemnt Geography and Geography of Regional Development of India
  • 3116: Quantitative and Cartographic methods in Geography
  • 3133: Research Methodology in Geography
  • 3146: Social, Cultural and Political Geography
  • 3156: Special paper (Social Geography)
  • 3164: Practicals on Quantitative and Cartographic methods
  • 4186: Geography of Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar
  • 4206: Special paper (Social Geography)
  • 4214: Practicals on Special paper
  • 4223: Dissertation