Mintu Das

Mintu Das

Postdoctoral Fellow

MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)

Condensed Matter Physics

Department of Physics
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Phone:- 9864167845

My work goal is to develop UV-Visible photodetectors (PDs) from Porous silicon (PS) based hybrid Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) hetero-structures. Different metal sulfides and metal oxides are deposited or incorporated on PS surface to achieve those hybrid structure. Basic goal is to attain High responsive and high speed PDs

 M Sc. Physics 

 Condensed Matter Physics (Sem-II)

  1. Dielectric and Ferroelectric properties ( Unit-III)
  2. Energy Bands in Solids (Unit-IV)

  Advance CMP-I (Sem-III)

  1. Semiconductor Devices (Unit-IV)
  2. Magnetoconductivity (Unit-V)

  Advance CMP-II (Sem-IV)

  1. Physics of nanomaterials (Unit-II)
  2. Soft CMP (Unit-III)


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  8. DOI: 
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