Rekibuddin Ahmed

Rekibuddin Ahmed



Modern Persian poetry

Department of Persian
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

1. Persian Literature  Specially Poetry  (Classical & Modern)

2. Sufism and Vaishnavism

3. Comparative Literature

Publication of Books:

1. A Brief History of Persian Literature.

2. Gems of Modern Persian Poetry.

3. Contribution of Persian To The Assamese Culture & Society

Compilation of Text books:

1)  A Selection of Modern Persian Poetry.

2) A Selection of Classical Persian Poetry.

Edited Books :

1) Indo-Arab-Iran Relations to Promote Cooperation in Language, Literature & Culture, 2009

2) Sufism as a Bond of Culture Between India, Iran & Central Asia, 2010

3) Thoughts & Wisdom of Some Immortal Persian Poets with Special Reference to Sa’adi, Hafiz, Khayam & Rumi, 2015, Royal Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi.

4. Cultural Exchange Between India, Iran, Turkey & Central Asia: Contributions of Scholars & Sufis, 2016. Royal Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi.


Papers Published In Journals:

1.      Omar Khayam : As A Poet Philosopher, LUCKNOW  JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES, Vol-7, No.1  Jan’10 –  Jun’10

2.      Influence of Persian on Assamese Language & Culture, LUCKNOW  JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES, Vol-7, No. 2 July’10 –  December’10

3.      Persian Chronicles : The Well Head of Research for the Medieval History of  Assam, SAFEENEH, A Research Journal of Persian Language, Literature & Culture, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, Vol. 9, 2011

4.      Reception of Persian on Assamese Literature, ANUSILANA, Research Journal of Indian Cultural, Social & Philosophical Stream, BHU, Varanasi-5, (U.P) VOL.XXXVI, Year:7,2011

5.      Socio-Political, Economic & Cultural Conditions of Medieval Assam Depicted in the Persian Source ‘FATHIYA-I-IBRIYA or TARIKH-I-ASHAM, ABHIVYAKTI, A Research Journal, Deoriah, UP, Vol.III, No. 2, 2011

6.      Assamiya Bhasat Persir Prova, EID, An Annual Journal published by Centre for Minority Studies, Research And Development, Assam, Vol. II, No.1 (Guwahati), November, 2010


Articles/Chapters published in Books:

1.      Sahabuddin Talishar Buranjit Barnita Ashamsan, SAHITYA – BORNALI, Nurul Islam Saikia, Orunodoi Parkashan, Panbazar, Guw-1, 2012


  Full papers in Conference Proceedings :

1.      Sufism  AS  A  Strong  Bond Of  Cultural Relations Between India & Iran, Proceedings of  the Three Day International Seminar on “Indo-Arab-Iran Relations  To Promote Cooperation In Language, Literature & Culture In The Region” from 2nd  to 4th February,2009, Royal Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi – 2,  September,2009,

Books published as single author or as editor:

1.      Contribution of Persian To Assamese Culture & Society, Reference Book for the students doing UG & PG in Persian & Medieval History of India, ORUNODOI PRAKASHAN, Panbazar, Guwahati

2.      SUFISM AS A BOND  OF CULTURE BETWEEN INDIA, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN & CENTRAL ASIA, Reference Book, Royal Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, 2012


Completed Projects/Consultancies:

1) A Study of  Persian in Assam, UGC, New Delhi, 2004- 2007

2) Investigation and Collection of Source Materials of Persian for the Medieval History of Assam (A.D.1206 -1682 A.D.), ICHR, New Delhi, 2008-2010

3) A Comparative Study of Sufi Movement & Neo-Vaisnavite  Movement  in Assam, UGC, New Delhi, 2010-2012

4) Promotion of Ethics & Human Values, UGC, New Delhi, March, 2012  to February, 2014


1.      India & Iran From The Perspective of Language, Literature & Culture: Past & Present, 45th Session of All India Oriental Conference held at Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati , 2 – 4 June, 2010 (A.P)

2.      Indo-Iran Relations :Past & Present, Three Day International Seminar on “Indo-Arab-Iran Relations To Promote Cooperation in Language, Literature & Culture” organized by Deptt. of Persian & Arabic, G.U. on 2 – 4 February,2009

3.       Inter Cultural & Inter Religious Dialogue Specially In Buddhism, Hinduism & Islam : The India, Iran, Afghanistan & Central Asia Context, organized by Deptt. of  Persian & Arabic, G.U. on 4-6 February, 2010

4.      Taasire  Farsee  Bar Zaban wa Farhange Assame, 7th International Persian Teachers’ Conference, Tehran , IRAN, Center for Persian Literature of  Iran, Tehran. 18th to 19th  January, 2011

5.      Sufi Movements & New Vaishnavite Movement  in  Assam : A Comparative Study, “Sufism As A Bond  of  Cultural Relations Between India(N.E.) –Iran-Afghanistan  & Central Asia”,  organized by Deptt. of Persian, G.U.,  2- 4 February, 2012 (International)

7.      Participated & Presented Paper on ‘Sufism And Its Impact on Indian History, Culture  & Society’ in International Congress of Turkish Culture , 13 – 15  October, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey.

8.      Participated & Presented Paper on “Persian poetry under Indian Environment for promoting cultural exchange with Iran” in  2nd International Conference on “Recognition of Khorasan Well Known Figures and Celebrates in Persian Literature, organized by Deptt. of Persian Language & Literature, University of Mashhad, Iran , 19th to 21st   October, 2017



 1) Member, Executive  Council Gauhati University, Guwahati ( December,2015  to  March,2016)

2) Member, Gauhati University Court ( December,2015 to March,2016)

3)  Member, Governing  Body  (Government  Nominee ) Saraighat College, Changasari  (2002- 2005)

4) Member, Board of Studies, Visha Bharti, Shantineketan , W.B.  (2010-2012)

5)  Member, Governing  Body,  University Nominee,  Saraighat College, Changasari  (2014- 2016)

6)Member, Governing  Body , University Nominee,  Dhubri Girls  College, Dhubri (2014- 2017)

7) Chairman, Governing  Body , Saraighat College, Changasari  (Since  2016)

8) Chairman, DAC & DRC, Deptt. of Persian, Gauhati University, Guwahati.

9) Member, Academic Council, Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam ( Since 2014 )

10) Member, Board of Studies, Cotton University, Guwahati,  (Since 2017)

Director of  National & International Seminar:

1.  Dialogue between Cultures & Exchange of Knowledge and Cultural Ideas between India, Iran, Turkey & Central Asia with Special reference to the Sasanian & Gupta Dynasty. (International) , February,  2018

2.  Persian & Sanskrit as Shared Heritage and Cross Cultural & Historical Connection between India, Iran  & Central Asia. (International) February, 2017

3.  Cultural Exchange between India, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Central Asia: Contribution of Scholars, Sufis and Poets. (International) February 2016

4.  Thoughts & Wisdom of Some Persian Poets With Special Reference To Sa-adi, Hafiz, Khayyam & Rumi And Its Relevance In The 21st Century AD. (International) February 2015

5.  Historical, Civilizational & Cultural (Indo-Persian) Relations of India, Iran & Central Asia: Centuries of Continuity. (International) February 2014

6.  Ethics in Persian Poetry With Special Reference to the Mathnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi (International), February 2013

7.  Workshop on “21st Century & Relevance on Ethics & Value Education”   March, 2013

8. Indo-Iranian Heritage In The Context of Sufism As A Bond of Culture  Between India (NE) - Iran-Afghanistan, Turkey, & Central Asia, February 2012

9. Indo-Arab-Iran Relations to Promote Cooperation In Language, Literature & Culture (International), February 2009

10.  Iqbal & His Philosophy with Special Reference to the Self (Khudi) Depicted in Asrar-e-Khudi (Secrets of the self) (National), August 2008

12.  Ethical & Moral Values of the Mathnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi (To commemorate the 800th birth anniversary of the great poet Jalaluddin Rumi (International), March 2007

13.  Medieval History of Assam Through Persian Sources (National), March 2006

14.  Problems & Prospects of Persian Studies in India (National), October 2005

15.  Impact of Persian on Assamese Language (Regional), March 2001

Department of Persian,

Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar,

Jalukbari, Guwahati,


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