Saifudheen Kunju S

Saifudheen Kunju S

Associated Faculty

MA (Jamia Hamdard) MPhil (JMI) Diploma in Turkish Language

Turkish Language and literature, West Asian Studies, Gulf Studies and Islamic Studies

Department of Persian
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

1. Islamic Studies

2.  West Asian Studies

3.  Gulf Studies

4. Political Science

5. Comparative Religious Studies

6.  Linguistics



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Columnist of Prabhodhanam Weekly ), Shabab Weekly ( Malayalam), online magazines and Portals like Utharakalam ), Campus Alive ), Islamonlive ), Tibaq ( )

  • 'Framing the Other: The Arab-Islamic World in the Neo-Orientalism' in Two Days National Seminar on 'Arab-American Literature, Migration, Diaspora and Orientalism' 

    Organized by Department of Arabic, Gauhati University, 19/2/2020

  • 'Arab Spring and Its Repercussions in the Region', International Seminar on'Cultural Exchanges and the Civilizational Affinity Between India, Iran and Arab World' Organized by Dept of Arabic, Persian and Urdu, Cotton University, 7-2-2020
  • 'Revisiting Al-Biruni: Man of Sciences and Multicultural Landscapes'  International Seminar on 'Historical Silk Road and Intercultural Communication Between India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Central Asia' Organized by Dept of Persian, Gauhati University, 8-2-2020
  •  'Islamism as a Praxis and Discursive Tradition', Festival of Ideas and Resistance Three Days Seminar organized by (SIO Kerala) Students Islamic Organization of India, Kozhikode, Kerala. December 29, 2019
  • . ‘Tradition, Knowledge and Contemporary Islam’, Festival of Ideas and Resistance Three Days Seminar organized by (SIO Kerala) Students Islamic Organization of India, Kozhikode, Kerala. December 29, 2019
  • 'Art and Aesthetics in Islamic Tradition' , National Workshop ' Critical Studies on Culture' organized by SIO, Vidhyarthi Bhavanam, Kozhikode. January 4 , 2020
  • 'Sufism and the Power: Socio-Political Engagements of Indian Sufis',  In International Seminar on 'Sufism and its Influence in Indian Subcontinent' Department of History, North East Hill University, Shillong and Allama Rumi Society, Bangladesh,Sep 3, 2019
  •   'Saudi Arabia's Soft Power Strategy in India' in  International Seminar on 'Legacy of indo-Arabic Literature for Promoting India-Arab Cultural Relations' Department of Arabic in Association with Department of Persian,  Gauhati University , 27/3/2019
  •  'Sufism in Turkey:  Mystical Dimensions of Social and Political Spheres' in International Seminar on Indo-Iranian Thought : A Cross Cultural Heritage of India, Iran and Central Asia,  Department of Persian, Gauhati University, Assam, 12-2-2019
  •  'Al- Insan Al-Kamil in the Philosophy of Allama Iqbal' on 'Reading Adhkiya; Tasawwuf and 'Human' Academic Seminar'', Ma'din Academy, Campus Building · MalappuramThursday, December 20, 2018
  •  'Polemical Debates in the Muslim Society : A critical Analysis of Salafi Theological Constructs' in  India International Islamic Academic Conference, at India Islamic Cultural Centre, Organization: Students Islamic Organisation of India, Oct 8, 2016
  •  ‘The Ottoman Caliphate and Kerala Muslims: A Historical Perspective of political engagement’ in  3-Day International Conference on "Indo-Turkish Relations: Perspective and its Contemporary Relevance" Organized by  Turkish Language and Literature Programme, Faculty of Humanitics & languages, Jamia Millia Islamia-New Delhi

  •  ‘Religion as Soft Power:Islam in Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy’ in National Seminar on India and Saudi Arabia:The Emerging Socio-Cultural and Economic DimensionsCentre for West Asian Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, March 3, 2015
  •  ‘AKP and Islamic politics in Turkey in International Islamic Academic conference at Al-Jamia Al-Islamia, Santhapuram, kerala, Jan 15, 2012
  •  ‘The role of Islamic mysticism in unity and peaceful coexistence of Indian people’ in The Third International Seminar on 'Peaceful Co-existence among Islam and Indian religions, Organized by  Al-Mustafa International University at India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi, Mar 12, 2012

Acted as committee member of Seminars & conferences

As resource person in Seminar:

 1. Aacted as a Resource Person in a Lecture programme in Kollam Islamiya College, Kerala in 7thJuly, 2018.

2.  Aacted as a Resource Person in a Lecture programme in Ilahiya Arabic College, Malappuram, Kerala in 10thJuly, 2018.

3.  Acted as a Resource Person in a Lecture programme organized by Wadi Rahma Cultural Forum, Calicut, Kerala in 13thJuly, 2018.

 4.  Acted as a Resource Person in a Lecture programme organized by Irshadiya College of         Commerce and Social Sciences, Kerala in 12thJuly, 2018.

5. Acted as a Resource Person in a Lecture programme organized by Department of Islamic History, Sullamussalam Arabic College, Areacode, Kerala in  30 December, 2019





Teaching Experience

1. Served as a Guest faculty in the Turkish Language and Literature Programme,

Faculty of Humanitics & languages, Jamia Millia Islamia-New Delhi ( April - May , 2017) 

2. Presently serving as an Assistant Professor ( Contractual) in the Department of Persian, Gauhati University, Guwahati from April, 2018. I am 

teaching PG Diploma in Turkish Language Course

 1. Received UGC NET-JRF in 2009  (During M.A)

Department of Persian

Gauhati University,

Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar,

Jalukbari, Guwahati-14

Mob. No: 6000081801, 8130527039

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