Swarna Prabha Chainary

Swarna Prabha Chainary


MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)


Department of Bodo
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Email:- swarna@gauhati.ac.in

Name: Swarna Prabha Chainary

Designation: Professor

Educational Qualification: MA, LLB, PhD

Bodo Diploma: 1995 (Gauhati University)

LLB: 1996 (Govt. Law College, Guwahati)

MA: 1997 (Gauhati University)

PhD: 2007 (Gauhati University)


  • Classifiers in Boro, Studies on Garo and its Cognate Languages, Caroline R Marak (ed.) 2018, Anandoram Borooah Institute of Language, Art & Culture, Assam, ISBN 978-93-82680-35-2
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  •  Nilkamal Brahmani Sungdo Soloao Aizw Akhu, Boro Sungdo Soloni Bwhwithi Dahar, Sahitya Akademi, Swarna Prabha Chainary (ed.), 2011, ISBN 978-81-260-3016-3
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  •  Delivered lecture as Visiting Professor at Kokrajhar Govt. College, Kokrajhar from 14th - 20th May, 2019 under Faculty Exchange program 
  • Delivered a lecture at Cotton University on 4th May 2019, related to 2nd Semester PG class syllabus in Bodo 
  • Delivered lecture as Visitng Professor at Centre for Studies in Language, Dibrugarh University from 29th October to 4th November, 2018 
  • Delivered lecture as Visiting Professor in Centre for Studies in Language at Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh from 26th -29th March 2018 in Bodo PG Course
  •  Delivered a lecture on Need for Preservation and Documentation of Bodo Oral Literature on 27th March 2018 at Department of Assamese, Dibrugarh University in the seminar Ethnic Languages and Literature of the North-East: Problems & Prospects, 27th -28th March 2018 Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh
  • Delivered a lecture at Refresher Course in English and other North East Languages-IDC on the topic women voice in Bodo short story on 9th March 2018, UGC-HRDC, Gauhati University
  • Delivered an annual lecture in the Dept. of Bodo, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar on 11th February 2018 on the topic Ecology, Culture and Traditional Knowledge of the Bodos of Assam
  •  Delivered an open lecture on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2017 at Udalguri under the aegis of Central body All Bodo Students Union
  • Delivered three lectures at Refresher Course in Bodo IV held at UGC-ASC-GU from 27th January-16th February 2014, Gauhati University
  • Delivered a lecture on Comparative literature with special reference to Boro literature in Assamese Refresher XXVIII on 07.08.2014 held at UGC-ASC, Gauhati University
  • Resource Person, 5 days training programme on Bodo language learning by non-Bodos, 2nd-6th Dec. 2013, AIRSTC conference Hall, Khanapara
  • Delivered a lecture on Bodo Katha Sahityar Gatidahara in Assamese Refresher XXVII on 17.06.2013 held at UGC-ASC, Gauhati University
  • Delivered a lecture at the Refresher Course on Comparative Literature held on May 2012 at Academic Staff College, Gauhati University
  • Visiting Professor, Dept. of Garo, NEHU, Tura Campus 2012 (MA 2nd sem. on Languages of North-East and PhD Course work on Typology of Tibeto-Burman Languages in North East)
  • Delivered 4 lectures in the Refresher Course in English and Comparative Literature conducted by Depts. of Garo & English, NEHU, Tura Campus on 14th & 15th March, 2011





  •  Member of the Bodo Advisory Board of Sahitya Akademi from 2005-2007 & 2013-2017
  • Member of the Syllabus Sub-Committee (Bodo) for the Civil Service Examination, UPSC, 2005
  •  Syllabus committee member of UG &PG Course in Bodo in GU and one of the expert committee members for course curriculum on MIL in Bodo at KK Handique State Open University (former)
  • Member, management committee, IDOL, Bodo, GU (former)
  • Member, management committee, Gauhati University Institute of North East Studies (former)
  • Convener, CCS, Bodo for CBSE from 2010
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Community Radio Station, Gauhati University, 90.8 FM, 2011
  • University Representative to the GB of Salbari College, Baksa for three years from 2011-2013
  • Member, Anti-Ragging Squad, Gauhati University, 2012-2013
  • Member, Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Gauhati University, 2013-2018
  • Member, GIA, CIIL, Mysore, 2013-2015  
  • Member, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN, Bodo) Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel from 2015
  • Honorary Member, Technical Review Board, Dimorian Review, an online research journal, ISSN-2394-9163
  • Member, Advisory Committee of Centre for Languages and Cultural Studies, Gauhati University,
  • Editor (Bodo), Bharatavani Project, CIIL, Mysuru (existing)
  •  Member, Programme Advisory Board, SCERT (existing)
  • External Expert, Board of Studies, Dept. of Bodo, Cotton University (existing)
  • Member, Radio Luit, Gauhati University (existing)
  • Member, Regional Screening Committee (RSC), National Symposium of Poets, All India Radio (for 3 yrs. w.e.f. 1.11.2016)






  • Life member, Linguistic Society of India      
  • Life member, Assam Research Society
  •  Life member, Bodo Sahitya Sabha


PhD Awarded:

  • Lutumoni Begum -Dakshin Kamrup Anchalar Hajong Sampradayar Samajik Lokpratha, 2013 (MIL)
  • Guddu Prasad Basumatary- A Descriptive Analysis on Bodo Suffix, 2015 (Bodo)
  • Bhatima Baro- Linguistic Foundations for Bodo Spell Checker, 2017 (Bodo)
  • Rujab Muchahary- A Study on the Mech Dialect of North Bengal, 2018 (Bodo)
  • Daithun Baro-Process of Reduplication in Bodo, 2018     

B.     Thesis Submitted: 03


C.     Ongoing: 05


  • Treatment of Simile and Metaphor in the short stories of Nilkamal Brahma, International Journal of English Language, Literature, Vol.7, Issue 6, June 2019, ISSN 2321-7065 (2nd author) 
  • Social relities as reflected in non-fictional prose of old period of Bodo literature, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, Vol.8, Issue 5, Ser.II, May 2019, ISSN (online) 2319-7722, (print) 2319-7714
  • Folk culture as reflected in the short story Fwimal Mijing of Late Chittaranjan Mushahary, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, Vol.7, Issue 09, Ver.II, Sept. 2018, ISSN (online) 2319-7722, (print) 2319-7714 
  • असम के बोड़ो लोगों की हस्तकला, आदिवासी साहित्य, गंगा सहाय मीणा (सं.) वर्ष:2, अंक7-8, जुलाई-दिसम्बर2016, ISSN 2394-689X
  • Hudum Myth and the Rajbangshi Society, Research Journal of the Dept. of Bodo, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, Dr. Indira Boro (ed.), Vol.III, Dec.2016, ISSN 2394-2312
  • Language Technology and Boro Language, Research Journal of the Department of Bodo, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, Dr. Bhoumik Ch. Baro (ed.),  Special Issue, 2016, ISSN 2394-2312
  • Bodonization of some Non-Bodo words (as co-author), Quest Journal, Vol.4, Issue 12, Dec. 2016, ISSN 2321-9467
  • Classifiers in Boro, Review of Research Journal, Ashok Akkaldevi (ed.) Vol.4, Issue 7, April 2015, ISSN 2249-894X
  • Survival of Boro Language in the Face of Various Challenges (with Reference to Modern Period), Remarking, Rajeev Misra (ed.)Vol.1, Issue 9, Feb. 2015, ISSN 2394-0344
  • Verbal suffix –Lai in Boro, Asian Resonance, October 2014, Vol.III, Issue IV, ISSN 0976-8602 (P)
  • A few similarities found in Boro and Kokborok: The two languages of North-East India, International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature, June 2014, Vol. 2, Issue 6, ISSN 2347-4564(P)
  • Traditional knowledge on weather of the Boros of Assam, Indian Streams Research Journal, H N Jagtap (ed.), June 2014, Vol. IV, Issue V, ISSN 2230-7850
  • Lexical Borrowings in Boro, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, April, 2014, Vol.4, Issue 4, 2319-7722 (O), 2319-7714 (P)
  • Formation of kinship terms in Bodo, US-China Foreign Language, February, 2013, Vol.11, No. 2, ISSN 1539-8080 (P), 1935-9667 (O)



General Linguistics, Tibeto-Burman Studies and Computational Linguistics

Other Academic Interest

Bodo Literature



  •       Thunlai Baydi Baydi, Nilima Prakashani, Baganpara, 2014
  •      Tibeto-Burman Languages of North East India, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 2014,        ISBN 81-8324-578-1
  •       Phoraysalini Raokhanthi (school grammar in Bodo for class vii-viii), Nilima                   Prakashani, Baganpara, 2014
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  • Monograph of the Boros, Lakshi Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi 2017 (co-author), ISBN 978-93-82120-98-8
  •  Rawni Mohor (Structure of language, Part-III), 2011, Ansumoi Library, Kokrajhar (first author)
  •  Rawni Mohor (Structure of language, part-II), 2008, Nilima Prakashani, Baganpara (first author)
  •  Rawni Mohor(Structure of Language, part-I), 1st edition,2004, Gumur Publication, Dhirenpara Tilla, Guwahati,2nd edition,2009, Ansumoi Library, Kokrajhar (first author)



  • Nwizise Sungdo Solo (translation of RN Tagore’s 21 short stories in to Bodo language from Bangla), 2009, Sahitya Akademi, ISBN 978-81-260-2728-6
  • Zwngni Buhum (Amar Prithibi) (Translated from original Assamese), Published by K.K. Brahma & Deben Ch. Deka, Dhamdhama, Nalbari, 2003
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  • Khebse Gongse Gamiyao (Once in a Village, translated from H C Madan’s original English), National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2002, 81-237-3576-6
  •  Benjamin Franklin (Translated from Homen Borgohain’s original Assamese by the same name), Bharati Book Stall, Golaghat, 2002




A.Edited Books


  • Boro Thunlayao Aizw (a collection of seminar papers on representation of women in Bodo literature), Sahitya Akademi, 2017, ISBN-978-93-86771-32-2
  • Angkhalni Somao Daubo (Bodo translation by various hands of Kedarnath Singh’s Hindi poems Akal Mein Saras), Sahitya Akademi, 2016, ISBN-978-81-260-4732-1
  •  Language & Language, Purbayon Publication, Satmile, Guwahati, First Edition: June 2015, ISBN-978-81-929549-4
  •  बोरो लोक कथाएँ, केंद्रीय हिंदी संस्थान, आगरा, 2015
  •  Boro Sungdo Soloni Bwhwithi Dahar (a collection of seminar papers on Bodo short story), Sahitya Akademi, 2011, ISBN 978-81-260-3016-3


B. Study Materials

  • First Sem., First paper Poetry, IDOL, GU (UG edited study material)
  • Second Sem. Second paper Drama, Grammar and Composition, IDOL, GU (UG edited study material)

C) Journals

  • Journal of the Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University, Vol.I, 2009-2010
  • Journal of the Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University, Vol.II, 2017-18

D) Magazines

  • The Bodo, Annual Mouthpiece, Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Issue 40th, 2015
  •  The Bodo, Annual Mouthpiece, Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Issue 41st, 2016
  • The Bodo, Annual Mouthpiece, Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Issue 42nd, 2017



Principal Investigator, Indian Languages Corpora Initiative (ILCI)-Phase II (Bodo), sponsored by MeitY, Govt. of India, 21st March 2012-20th Oct. 2016


  • Presented a paper by name WHITE PAPER IN BODO at SOIL-Tech :Towards Digital India Conference held at Jawaharlal Nehru University on 17th Feb. 2019 sponsored under the joint aegis of School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, JNU, CIIL Mysuru and Bharatiya Bhasa Manch
  •  Presented a paper on Contribution of Women Writers in Bodo Literature at North-East and Western Women Writers' Meet held at Mumbai under the aegis of Sahitya Akademi on 16th Feb. 2019
  •  Languages and Literature of North-East: Problems and prospects, 27th -28th March, Dept. of Assamese, Dibrugarh University, Centre of Advanced Study under SAP of UGC
  • Brahmaputra Literary Festival, 2018 (Speaker), 11th Feb. 2018, Sankardev Kalakshetra, Govt. of Assam & National Book Trust
  • Preservation and Enrichment of Ethnic Language, Literature and Culture: The Constitutional provisions for their safeguard and the Role and Responsibility of Youth, 28th January 2018, Late Amitabh Rabha Soworani Kshetra, Ghagra Chowk, Tamulpur, Baksa/All Rabha Students’ Union & All Rabha Women Council
  • Reflection of Tribal Life in Indian Novels (Chair), 16th -17th Oct. 2017, Dept. of Bodo, Rangapara College, Rangapara
  • National Seminar on the topic Bodo Literature and Culture in the face of Globalization (Chair), 9th Sept. 2017, Dept. of Bodo, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar
  • Workshop on preparation of linguistic glossary (English-Hindi-Bodo), 11th -15th July 2017, Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University/ Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology
  • Workshop for reviewing translation of Hind Swaraj by MK Gandhi into Bodo, 5th -9th June, 2017, CIIL Mysuru under the project National Translation Mission
  • North East and Southern Writers’ Meet, 25th -26th March 2017, YMCA Auditorium, Thiruvanthapuram/Sahitya Akademi
  • Recent trends in Tribal Literature of North East India, 28th Feb.-1st March 2017, North Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus/Sahitya Akademi and Depts. of Garo & English , NEHU Tura Campus
  • Mythology and Modern Indian Literature, 5th -6th Dec. 2016, Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Satra Sankardev Kristi Sangha, Majuli/ Sahitya Akademi & Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Satra Sankardev Kristi Sangha, Majuli
  • Narichetna, 22nd Oct. 2016, Rukasen College, Karbi Anglong/Sahitya Akademi & Bodo Sahitya Sabha
  •  Myths and Tales of Koch Rajbanshis of Western Assam, 27th -28th Sept. 2016, Chilarai College, Golakganj/Sahitya Akademi, Koch Rajbangshi Sahitya Sabha
  • Alcohol and drug abuse: Issues and Challenges of contemporary societies of North-East India (Chair), 20th Sept. 2016, Bengtol College, Chirang
  • भाषाविज्ञान शब्द संग्रह (अंग्रेजी-हिंदी-बोडो), 10th -17th July 2016, Kailash Colony, New Delhi; CSTT
  • Purvattar Bharat Ka Katha Sahitya, 3rd-4th March 2016, Dept. of Hindi, University of Tripura
  • Workshop for Chunking in Indian Languages, 28th -30th December 2015, CIIL, Mysore
  • 2nd ICOAH Conference, Sri Lanka, 20th -22nd July, 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Workshop on preparation of linguistic glossary (English-Hindi-Bodo), 16th July-25th July 2013 & 16th Dec. -20th Dec. 2013, Bodoland House & Bodoland Bhawan, New Delhi/ Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology
  •  Life and works of Lakshminath Bezbaroa, 26th -27th June, 2015, Bijni College, Chirang , Bijni
  • Language Technology and Bodo Language, 28th -29th May, 2015, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar
  • Nationalism in Bodo poetry, 14th March, 2014, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar
  • Workshop on preparation of Linguistic glossary (English-Hindi-Bodo), 24th July-30th July 2014, Bodoland House, Dwarka, New Delhi/Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology
  • Study on Bodo Children Literature, 16th Dec. 2014, Soci-Literary Cultural Complex, Bathoupuri, Guwahati
  • Verbal suffix –Lai in Boro, 17th-19th Oct. 2014, ICSTLL Conference, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, China
  • 5th Himalayan International Seminar 2014, 27th -28th April 2014, Nehru Wangchuk Cultural Centre, Thimpu, Bhutan
  •  Linguistic Society of Nepal Conference, 26th & 27th November, 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Survival of Indian Languages in the face of various challenges, 26th -27th Nov. 2012, Sahitya Akademi, held at Hotel BNR Chanakya, Ranchi
  • 45th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics and Pre-Conference Workshops on Austroasiatic and Miyao-Yao Languages, 25th -28th Oct. 2012, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  •  National Workshop on BIS Annotation Scheme for Indian Languages, 21st -23rd July, 2012, IIIT, Hyderabad
  • Post –independence Bodo Poetry, 3rd & 4th Nov. 2011, Sahitya Akademi & Bodo Sahitya Sabha
  • Importance of Devnagari Script in the languages of N-E India, 24th-25th Sept. 2011, Nagari Lipi Parishad, New Delhi & Dept. of Hindi, Dera Natung College, Itanagar
  • Contribution of Sanskrit in the languages of N-E India, 26th -28th May, 2011, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi & Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Dimapur Centre
  • Rabindranath: Bichitrer Dut, 24th March 2011, Sahitya Akademi & University of Calcutta
  • Interactive meet with Discipline Experts and Language Experts, 25th Feb. 2011, CIIL,  Mysore
  • Workshop on Language Technology Development in Assamese and Bodo, 28th Feb. -2nd March 2011, Department of Linguistics, Manipur University & CDAC Pune
  • National Symposium of Poets, 18th January, 2011, Broadcasting Corporation of India, held at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • All India Writers’ Meet held at Kochi, Kerala, 28th & 29th Nov. 2010, Sahitya Akademi
  • Seminar on Bodo Fiction, 4th -5th Oct. 2010, Ganeshguri, Sahitya Akademi & Bodo Sahitya Sabha
  •  Reception of RN Tagore in the N-E Region of India, 3rd & 4th Sept. 2010, RN Tagore Institute for Human Development Studies, University of Calcutta, Institute of development Studies, Kolkata
  • पूर्वोत्तर में हिन्दी के शिक्षण-प्रशिक्षण एवं प्रसार की स्थिति का अध्ययन और सम्भावनाएँ, 3rd-4th Dec. 2009, Dept. of Hindi, University of Tripura
  • Folklore and A.chik Literature, 29th & 30th Oct. 2009, Dept. of Garo, NEHU, Tura Campus
  • All India Women Writers’ Conference, 3rd-4th Nov. 2009, Sahitya Akademi & Punjabi University, Patiala
  • Literary confluence: North Eastern Trends and Streams, 18th & 19th August, 2009, Dept. of English, West Bengal State University & Sahitya Akademi
  • Contemporary Bodo Poetry, 25th -26th Feb. 2009, Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University & Sahitya Akademi
  • Assamese-Bodo short story translation workshop, 9th -10th January, 2009, Pandu College, Sahitya Akademi
  • Workshop for finalizing the LIS-Data, 24th -28th Nov. 2008, NEHU, Shillong; CIIL
  • All India Writers’Meet, 3rd-5th Oct. 2008, Maharashtra Hindi Sahitya Akademi & Govt. Of Maharashtra
  • पूर्वोत्तर लोक साहित्य के संरक्षण एवं विकास में हिंदी की भूमिका, 7th -8th Aug. 2008, Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Dimapur
  • Pre-final workshop (Analysis) of Bodo Grammar, 25th July-3rd Aug. 2008, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
  • All India Tribal Writers Conference, 17th -20th June, 2008, SC/ST Research and Training Institute, Bhubaneswar
  • Workshop on “Development of Major North Eastern Languages (Assamese, Bodo, Nepali, Manipuri), 12th -16th May 2008, Pune University Campus, C-DAC, Pune
  •   Syntactic Structure of the Languages of North-East India, 12th -13th March 2008, Dept. of Assamese, Dibrugarh University
  • Workshop on “Capacity Building of Editors in Distance Education”, 6th -7th Feb. 2008, PGCS, Gauhati University
  • Contemporary Bodo Fiction, 7 & 8th Dec. 2007, Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University; Sahitya Akademi
  • Workshop for the preparation of Bodo Grammar, 9th -18th July, 2007, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
  •  Indian Renaissance & Languages, 21st-23rd. Nov. 2006, University of Kolkata & Kendriya Hindi Sansthan
  • Workshop on preparation of Intensive Course Materials in Bodo Language, 6th -20th March, 2006, NERLC, Beltola, Guwahati, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
  • तुलनात्मक भारतीय साहित्य, 23rd -24th Feb. 2006, Dept. of Hindi, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Contemporary Adivasi Literature and Languages, 10th -13th Nov. 2005, Tejgadh, Baroda; Bhasa Research and Publication Centre
  • पूर्वोत्तर भारत का साहित्य, 3rd Nov. 2005, NEHU, Shillong
  • Seminar on “Status of women and Customary laws among Tribal population of North East India, 7th -8th March 2005, National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development, Khanapara
  •  National Seminar on “Comparative study of the languages of North-East India”, 7th -8th Feb. 2005, Dept. of Assamese, Dibrugarh University
  • 26th All India Conference of Linguists, 29th Nov.-1st Dec. 2004, NEHU, Shillong; Linguistic Society of India, Pune
  • National Workshop on “Rhetoric in Indian Languages”, 12th -14th Oct. 2004, Gujrat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad; Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
  • Consultative Committee Meeting for Boro Language Development, 25th -26th Sept. 2004, Basic Training Centre, Kokrajhar, Assam



  • Sahitya Akademi Translation Award (Bodo), 2012
  • Best Paper Presenter’s Award of the session at 2nd ICOAH Conference held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in July 2015