Tridib Kumar Goswami

Tridib Kumar Goswami

Assistant Professor

MSc (Gauhati) PhD (IISc)

Biological Chemistry, Catalysis

Department of Chemistry
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

  1. Metal-based antitumor and anti-microbial agents
  2. Catalysis
  3. Sensing of environmentally important ions and small molecules

  1. Spectroscopy
  2. Bioorganic Chemistry
  3. Natural Products Chemistry
  4. Organic Synthesis
  5. Medicinal Chemistry
  6. Analytical Chemistry


  1. CSIR-JRF, Year: 2007, Awarding Organisation: CSIR
  2. GATE, Year: 2007, Awarding Organisation: IIT
  3. Young Scientists Award in ASBIC-VI, Hong Kong, Year: 2012, Awarding Organisation: Agilent Technologies
  4. PBC (Planning and Budget Commission, Israel) Postdoctoral Award, Year: 2013, Awarding Organisation: Govt. of Israel
  5. DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award, Year: 2015, Awarding Organisation: DST 


  1. Targeted Organometallic Compounds for Photodynamic Destruction of Cancer (DST INSPIRE Faculty Research Grant)
  2. Photo-induced Anticancer Activities of Targeted Ferrocene-conjugated 3d Metal Complexes (UGC-BSR Start-up Research Grant)

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Present Group Members: 

1. Atrayee Banaspati, Ph.D. Student 

B.Sc. (D. R. College, Dibrugarh University, 2013)
M.Sc. (Cotton College State University, 2015)

2. Dhananjay Das, Ph.D. Student 

B.Sc. (Arya Vidyapeeth College, Gauhati University, 2013)
M.Sc. (Gauhati University, 2015)

3. Bidisha Bora, Ph.D. Student

B.Sc. (B. Borooah College, Gauhati University, 2015)

M.Sc. (Cotton University, 2017)


4. Namisha Das, Ph.D. Student

B.Sc. (North Lakhimpur College, Dibrugarh University, 2015)

M.Sc. (North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), Dibrugarh University, 2017)


 M.Sc. Project Students:

1. Mrinmoy Manash Bharali (Gauhati University)

2. Salma Akhtara Khanam (Gauhati University)

3. Manash Jyoti Kalita (Gauhati University)

4. Areena Doley (North Lakhimpur College)


Group Alumni:

M.Sc. Project Students:

  1. Anup Choudhury (2016)
  2. Chandan J. Choudhury (2016)
  3. Dipika Konwar (2017)
  4. Dolly Rajbongshi (2017)
  5. Tamanna Khandelia (2018)
  6. Digvijoy Choudhury (2018)
  7. Manash Pratim Choudhury (2018)
  8. Mrinmoyee Borpatra Gohain (2019) 
  9. Sobit Newar (2019) 
  10. Subrata Ghosh (2019)