Office of the Director of Stuednts’ Affairs


The Office of the Director of Students' Welfare (DSW), is the central body which talkes care of various student affairs. It operates in close coordination with office of the Secretary, University Classes, which oversees certain student affairs. The DSW’s office is located in the opposite side of IDOL Building, GU and near Gauhati University Sports’ Complex.


The Office of the DSW primarily deals with Student’s Affairs. The primary activities of this office are:

  • Organizing sports and extracurricular activities
  • Providing facilities for playing various games & sports e.g. Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Hockey, Kabbadi, Basket Ball, Carrom etc.
  • Organizing and managing Inter College and Inter University Festivals, Sports ,and Games.
  • Organizing training courses in Games and Sports.
  • Organizing workshop, conferences in Music, Cultural Activities, and other co-curricular activities.
  • Presenting awards (Trophies, Momentos, Cups, Certificates etc.) in different tournaments and competitions.
  • Taking necessary steps to encourage all sporting, athletic, physical, intellectual and cultural activities among students at the University and the affiliating colleges.

All sports goods are made available to the Hostels every year by this office. The common rooms for Boys and Girls are also supplied with playing materials.


Dr Ranjan Kumar Kakati MSc (Physics, Gauhati), BEd, MPhil, PhD (Physics, Gauhati), PGDCA

Deputy Director

Dinesh Chandra Kalita


Arun Chandra Talukdar,
Superintendent Administrative matters, Identity Card matters, Office Stationery, Railway Concession matters
Amiya Kumar Sarma,
Assistant Superintendent Financial matters, Students participating programmes in sports, cultural and other co-curricular events, Youth festival and Varsity week
Parag Kumar Goswami,
Upper Divisional Assistant Preparation of all salary Bills, Stock and Store in Charge, Distribution of Sports material to all GU Hostels (Boys & Girls)
Hiramani Das Sarma,
Lower Divisional Assistant & Typist Issue and receipt of official documents, Typing matters


Gauhati University Inter-College events are organised under Gauhati University Sports Board which is affiliated to the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Inter-university sports board of India, New Delhi, Assam Cricket Association and Assam Football Association.

Youth Festival & Varisty Week

Gauhati University Youth festival is the biggest event organised by Gauhati University Sports Board, generally in last part of August every year.

Gauhati University “Varsity week” is organised by Post Graduate Students Union, GU in the month of February every year.

GU Inter-college Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Basketball etc. are organised by Gauhati University Post Graduate Students Union (PGSU) and different Colleges, Institutions affiliated to Gauhati University under GU Sports Board.

Directorate of Students’ Welfare also organises different workshops, conferences in music, cultural, Folk Orchestra and Games and sports.

Students’ Identity Card

GU Identity cards are issued by the Director of Students’ Welfare, Gauhati University to all the bonafied students of Gauhati University including Research Scholars and post doc fellows. Students asking for Identity cards will have to fill up a form available in the DSW office and same will have to be submitted duly forwarded by the Head of the concerned Department.

Railway Concessions

The Directorate of Students’ welfare provides facility of railway fare concession tickets to the bonafide students of Gauhati University. To avail this facility concerned Head of the Departments will have to forward the name of concerned students to the Director of Students’ Welfare (DSW), GU with valid reasons. For this concession matters, students will have to fill up a railway concession form available in the DSW office, Gauhati University. For details please contact Sri Arun Talukdar, Assistant Superintendent, DSW Office.

Foreign Students

All the foreign students admitted to Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam may contact Director, Students’ Welfare, Gauhati University for any kind of assistance like accommodation, food etc.

GU Sports Board

Gauhati University Sports Board consists of 28 members with Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Gauhati University as President and Director of Students’ Welfare, Gauhati University as Secretary. GU Sports Board is affiliated to Association of Indian Universities (AIU),Inter-University Sports Board of India, New Delhi, Assam Cricket Association, Assam Football Association.

GU Sports Board conducts one of the mega events Gauhati University Inter-College Youth Festival every year. Also, GU Sports Board conducts GU Inter-College Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Kabaddi, Basketball Tournament in association with affiliated Colleges under Gauhati University. For more information on sports facility, please click here.

Sports Calendar

GU Spors Board Calendar for the Academic Session 2015-16
Inter-College Cricket Tournament Decemeber 1st Week, 2015
Inter-College Football Tournament January 18-20, 2016
Inter-College Volleyball Tournament January 27-29, 2016
Inter-College Kabaddi Tournament February 01-03, 2016
Inter-College Badminton Tournament February 07-09, 2016
Inter-College Basketball Tournament February 12-15, 2016
Inter-College Table Tennis Tournament March 10-13, 2016
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