Vice Chancellor

Prof Pratap Jyoti Handique
Vice Chancellor, GU


A Message

I cordially welcome the young aspiring students to Gauhati University. This premier institution has been growing over for last 75 years since its inception in the year 1948. As the Vice Chancellor of this great institution, I am taking responsibility to ensure a quality of education and experience which enables students to apply the morals, skills, and rational command they have acquired at GU in their future lives and careers. I believe, this can be achieved through a commitment to the personal education of each student.

The objective of our work plan is to expand the University into an Academic Tourist Destination. Designed activities are underway to create a vibrant academic ecosystem with contemporary as well as futuristic curriculum, and secure teaching and learning situation. We will monitor progress against our priorities, commitments, and plans using relevant performance indicators, standards, and goals. Through this we will maintain focus on the strategic plan, ensuring that it continues to meet academic needs, enables us to respond to the external environment. We carefully address contemporary requirements and design to meet the future demands.

I feel that the regular activities that we have to perform to run the University smoothly are full of challenges. Personally, I realize the problems of GU. I am planning to address them in attainable and planned way. I believe that sincerity, inquisitiveness, hard work and positive thinking will give us energy and method to tackle challenging situations.

We have potential and scope for excellence. It is urgent to identify appropriate constructive steps for incorporation and support of various components of the University for a Perceptible Performance. An institution has to express itself up to the fullest possible height for commended recognition. To achieve recognition as centre of excellence we have to demonstrate our quality and distinction in academics, research, innovation and outreach programmes. We are designing policy and work plan to achieve this. It is a continuous progressive process. Participation and support of the all the stakeholders of the university is essential for accomplishment. Recently the process is on to develop a comfortable social ecosystem in the university to accelerate encouraging work culture.

Improvement of teaching and research infrastructure is an incessant procedure in Gauhati University. Syllabus updating process in GU is a regular mechanism. We have introduced CBCS with new syllabus in all level. Our syllabi are contemporary and need based. We have considerable research credentials in science, humanities, literature, social science and other interdisciplinary areas. GU has created significant amount of contemporary scientific research infrastructure and we are taking various measures to accelerate the process. New initiatives are being implemented to step up and encourage meaningful research in humanities and social science.

We encourage sports and other extracurricular activities among students. We have several defined open programs like college week, university week and youth festival. Sports facilities are being created in the university and in the affiliated colleges. We have a separate directorate to identify sport opportunities and to promote sport activities. We are open to accept suggestion and guidance from the experts and philanthropists.

Due to recent technology driven changes in business analytics, transformation in the industry setup and uses of high-end R&D inputs, the human resource requirement pattern in the industries is facing a huge change. We are aware about that. We are exploring the possibilities to ensure maximum industry-academia relations and putting effort to create employable human resources.

GU is giving utmost importance and priority in handling the work of the students. We are taking initiative for augmentation of contemporary hostel facilities for students. I am aware and careful for smooth running of the services for the students. We have to adopt good work culture to improve our understanding to the demand of the young minds. We have to equip us with cordiality, patience and timely response in the management of students’ matters.

Long Live Gauhati University

Prof (Dr) Pratap Jyoti Handique
Vice Chancellor