Research Overview : The PhD Programme


Research leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is one of the most important academic activities of Gauhati University. We have major active research programmes in all our fifty academic departments across five faculties - Faculty of Arts, Science, Technology, Commerce & Management, Law, and Medicine & Allied Health Sciences.

The PhD programme of Gauhati University and all other PhD related activities are governed by the PhD Regulations (2016) of Gauhati University. It incorporates the UGC’s latest “Minimum Standards and Procedures for the Award of the Degree of PhD”. The nodal office for all PhD related activities is the Office of the Academic Registrar, which ensures that all standards and procedures are maintained. Admission The admission to the PhD programme is an extremely competitive process which is a two-tier academic process - (i) The Research Eligibility Test (GU-RET) and (ii) Counselling. While the GURET ensures the minimum standards required for a prospective research scholar to be admitted into the PhD programme, the ‘Counselling’ is a filtering process to select those qualified applicants which are suitable for a particular research programme.

As different research areas can not be distinctly specified, prospective applicants are highly encouraged to contact individual researchers in various departments to explore a suitable area before proceeding to apply for admission. Fellowships Different departments do offer fellowships to their scholars under various schemes. One can visit individual departmental websites for more information. More information For detailed information on various aspects of PhD related programme, please visit the website for the Office of the Academic Registrar.