Vision and Mission


The following statement is a vision of the university, which is a declaration for the university’s intention to guide its internal decision making process for realizing its core values.

To perform a transformative role for the region and its people, foster a spirit of enquiry, articulate global human, social and scientific concerns from its strong base in the region, set ethical standards in thinking and practice and enable the making of responsible citizens and compassionate and sensitive human beings.



This Vision results in the following Mission statements


  1. Academic Excellence  to provide quality teaching and a learning environment that takes account of changing student needs and expectations, incorporate global developments in all fields into its curricula, conduct cutting edge research through innovation and collaboration across all borders.

  2. To Widen Horizon of Institutional Activity  to extend its activities to address environmental, social and cultural concerns in the region, and promote free inquiry and life-long learning.

  3. To Empower and Competent Stakeholders  to empower stakeholders of the university and its affiliated colleges through capacity development, augmentation of skills and entrepreneurship, provide access to knowledge, extend academic and administrative assistance and enable employability.

  4. To Improve Support-Structure  to improve existing academic and administrative resources and enhance physical and technological infrastructure for the effective realization of the University’s vision.